Shorthorn photographs

Image: Pictures of Shorthorns in dispersal sale 31st October 2009

Top row, Left to Right Lot 40 Duchess 9th Lot 41&41A Suzy & Cheryl Lot 42&42A Trixie & Chantelle
Middle row, Left to Right Lot 43&43A Tansy & Cowslip Lot 44 Wilma Lot 45 Xceptional & Conqueror
Bottom row, Left to Right Lot 46 Yarrow & steer Lot 48 Agatha Lot 53 Chardonnay

Chardonnay (bottom right) is shown with her dam Nora which is too old to sell but is represented in the sale by two more daughters, Suzy and Wilma, as well as her son, the stock bull Tearaway. There is a photgraph of Tearaway on the front page of this site


The four yearling heifers (Top row left to right) Beryl, Bonny, (Bottom row left to right) Buttercup and Betty (Lots 49,50,51 & 52)


Wilma and Crusader (Lot 44) above
Agnes and Candice (Lot 47) below

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