Stock for Sale

Following the virtual dispersal two years ago, we pegged our numbers to four Longhorn cows.   With two bulling heifers sold in February and two cows sold to go to a new herd in the Autumn, we have no Longhorns for sale at the moment, but, with one bulling heifer in the herd now and two more to go in next year, there will be one or two available in 2020.

On the sheep front, we shall have, as always, a good selection of Wiltshire Horn ewe lambs available in the Autumn together with a choice of ewes of various ages.   
The Oxford Downs have some super lambs by the new Greenlands ram with some particularly smart ram lambs growing and developing well.   Due to the over supplied commercial ram market, we are increasingly selective in what Suffolks to keep as rams so there are only three Suffolk shearling rams for the Autumn.
Following the sale of 12 ewe lambs back to Wales, itself an achievement, and a starter flock of ewes and lambs to Bedfordshire, we will only have a small number of Badger Faced ewes available together with a good selection of very well marked ewe lambs at weaning.

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